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We can be relied upon to interactively manage advantages for high-quality and competitive paradigms without losing sight of our original goal to professionally and reliably initiate access to timely and value-added intellectual capital that we may improve our long-term ability to proactively and collaboratively utilise parallel and cutting edge methods of empowerment.

Quote by Chip Diller (Kevin Bacon), movie Animal House



The never ending supply of unique and accurate Mission Statements produced by this Fantastic Contraption™ will enable you to:



About this exquisite service:

The legendary Dilbert Mission Statement Generator went offline in 2008 and I couldn't find a good replacement. So I made this. I hope it will cater to all your Mission Statement needs even though my contraption is nothing but a faint shadow of the original.

The Dilbert Mission Statement Generator was also known as:
* Dilbert's Automatic Mission Statement Generator
* Dilbert's Mission Statement Generator

No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Mission Statement.

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